you're a great player. dial back the gain and it will sound way better. the excessive pinch harmonics are...excessive. good job man!
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A note on the pinch harmonics, they're like exclamation points, use too many and they lose a bit of their meaning. other than that its pretty good
I like your take on the song, but I agree with the others to ease up on the pinch harmonics. They are good to use for flash here and there. Keep up the good work though! I liked the improv.
Good cover! I liked your vibrato more and more as the video went on. I don't think you used too many pinch harmonics either...David Gilmour does them a lot himself! His tone is just different than yours. Check out my video of me playing Hangar 18.
thanks guys! i'll take the pinch harmonics into consideration! im glad you all like it!