Attempting to write a song for an acoustic in Open D tuning. Any feedback would be appreciated. Thank you

The Door -

im staring at these white walls
i have trouble looking down
cause all i see are the memories
of my feet upon the ground

Ive often pondered my life out
how things could have been
Would you still love me?
would you let me in?

your door is open, wider than them all
Im searching for that someone, to catch me when i fall
but i have lost my patience
I missed my chance someway

the one that mattered most in life, you werent there at all

The shades have been pulled down
blocking out the light
As i sit here on the floor
hoping you were alright

Now i have to push through
these times that were in
Ive given up on love
and on the sense of believing that

my door is open, wider than them all
i hope youre searching for someone, to catch you when you fall
but do you have the patience
for chances far away

the one that mattered most in life, i wasnt there at all

Well my hands are on fire
But my heart is feeling cold
And my feet are on the road
My manner paper gold
Your face is screened, desired
hidden in luxury
trying not to want this
but you were mine all along

I hope our door is open, broken off the hinges
my search has been over, been blind for far too long
Forever I'll be patient
Wont let this get away

The one that mattered most in life, will be back into my arms once more.
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about an hour. I had a story in my head and I just let it out. Ive added more to it at the end. Like a bridge. Thank you for liking it. what does FWlW mean?
Quote by nbryant92
Thank you for liking it. what does FWlW mean?

For what it's worth.

I don't think I've ever written that much of a song in an hour , or at least in that good of a shape. It's not due to being lazy more than I put a lot of effort into using a rhyming scheme I like, getting the words right , rearranging lines and stuff. I sort of find it therapeutic lol

What's the temp of the song ?
To be honest I don't really know the bpm. I just know how it sounds and feels when I sing it