Hello old friends!

I have a question for those with experience in Markbass amps.

I'm getting either a R500 or LMIII, but was wondering if a non Markbass cabinet, such as Carvin, would yield similar tonage as using the Markbass head with a Markbass cabinet, or would it dull the tone coming from the head to the point where using it without the Markbass cab would be useless?
Their cabs are rather expensive, but I'll sport the money if I have to.
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I play a LMII through a Carvin and it sounds just fine. The Markbass cabs are nice, but they're so expensive I wouldn't recommend them unless you found a good deal used or budget just wasn't a concern.

An F500 or Little Mark should sound good as long as whatever cab you use isn't a complete piece of crap.
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That is a hard question to answer, since tonal qualities are very subjective. Markbass speakers are designed to their own specifications, and they are of very high quality. I suspect that any other cabinet would sound noticeably different, though you might decide that you like the sound. The only way to be sure would be to try them out. But I do think that however they sound, they will not sound like a Markbass.
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Would it sound like a markbass head through a markbass cabinet? No.

Would it sound ****ing awesome and work perfectly for more or less anything? Yea.

Im in a very similar position. I have a kustom600g head as well as two carvin cabs and the matching kustom g series 4x10. When I play through the carvins, I am 100% sure Im the only one who notices. And within the first 5 minutes of playing, I forget that I noticed.

Long story short, get the head and if you really are dissatisfied with the cabs, you can make the decision to get them later. Its not as if the markbass cabs could possibly get MORE expensive :rollseyes:
Thanks for the replies. I'll be headed to a Dave Matthews Band concert tomorrow, and we'll stop by Guitar Center on the way so I'll be able to do some pairing and comparison.
...it was bright as the sun, but with ten times the heat
Okay I have another question.

I went with a Little Mark ii because it differs only slightly from the iii and was about 150 dollars cheaper. Although I may be returning it if I find the r500 to my liking tomorrow.

Either way, I've decided that I'm definitely going to try to buy a front ported Markbass 4x10 cabinet and either a 15, 18, or 2x12 to go with it. The make of the other, non 4x10 cab is yet to be determined, but probably Avatar, Carvin, or some other brand that I may find.

Anyway, which of these cab sizes do you think is best suited to a dual purpose of

A) Delivering a great presence, similar to that of a 8x10 when paired with the Markbass 4x10.

B) Accentuating a tight low mid presence.
...it was bright as the sun, but with ten times the heat
Go with the 2x12" cabinet; particularly if it has Neo speakers in it.
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As of right now I think I'll be going for an Avatar 2x12. We'll see how that sounds and If I like it I may be getting another, instead of a Markbass 4x10.

My only concern is that two 2x12 cabs will not give me that chest crunching presence that you get from a 8x10. Anyone have experience with this?

I'm in a hardcore/metalcore band, so you know what I'm going for there, but I like a chewy, punchy bottom end, unlike a lot of metal bass that I hear.
...it was bright as the sun, but with ten times the heat