its good man! i like the video edit! ur technique is flawless marty friedman and mustaine would be proud lol
Man that looks like fun to play!!
The only "flaws" I could see where the tone, it's not identical to the original
(but then again you might not have been going for that)
Oh and at 3:42 (FAKE!! jk lol) gotta be careful.
Another thing that I've been working on personally as I film my video is stage presence, some people who might not know much about guitar might stumble on your video and think to themselves (even though your playing is spot on!)
"he's kinda boring, lets see what else is on youtube".
I've had this happen, so I tried to improve on it.
So that could be some food for thought.

Otherwise I think this video/mix is very well done, very professional.
great sound, amazing video quality.
Your bends are rich and full, slides are all within the mix, vibrato is loud and clear.
Your ready to replace the guitarist in Megadeth man! Keep it up!
Keep up the good work!
This is great..
And just like what MaxRope said "Your bends are rich and full, slides are all within the mix, vibrato is loud and clear." and I love the camera work, amazing quality and the sound are amazing too. Well done! Keep it up!
First off, yellow ibanez? YES!!!!!!!!!!!! Love that maple neck on there too!!! As for the playing, sounded spot on! Friedman is one of my biggest influences, and you nailed all of his leads, and the mustaine ones were awesome too (I learned this song awhile back myself, but never really bothered learning some of the mustaine leads, his style to me is just kind of boring. His wide stretch solos in this are awesome but meh.) But damn dude, u nailed it!!! How did you shoot the video btw? Did you use multiple cameras, or just multiple takes?
Thanks so much! I love Friedman as well. I originally learned the Mustaine leads because I was jamming the song with some buddies and somebody had to play them. haha That second solo he plays is pretty cool but is a bitch if you are standing up...that's why I decided to sit.

Anyway, as far as video goes I actually had a guy film me and edit the footage. He had one camera on a tripod and walked around filming me with another. We did three takes. The audio is all from the third take, so I didn't edit that at all. I know for the solos all the video is from the third take but I'm not sure if he didn't use some of the footage of the other takes for some different camera angles over the riffs...
Hey johnnuckolsmu,

just watched the video on this thread after you posted the link on my losfer words cover thread, smashing job. Playing's very good. Well done. Also, video's professionally shot too, so kudos to that.

My only reccomendation for further videos is to improve the audio mix on the solos. I felt it was a little lost in the mix, what with it being panned to the left. Maybe try and pan the solos so they're in the centre perhaps (Just a thought).

But overall, nice job!
Holy crap dude, that tone! Great job, looks funny to play, isn't it?
Anyway, did you use the axe-fx or the Ironheart? the sound is so damn close to the original, did you used tone matching or something like that?
I used the axe-fx for simplicity. I used a pre-set somebody else made, which was a tone match of the Tornado of Souls solo. It sounds really good. My guitar just sounds a little different, plus I decided to do the whole thing with the bridge pick-up instead of the neck.

The Ironheart is a great sounding amp though. I got a great deal on it from ebay. In the video, I just turned it on cause it looks cool and I had just bought it.