recording using a pod, how much difference does pickups make? I'm shopping for a new guitar and need to decide actives or passives
you should go with what sounds best to you. you are probably going to play it more in general than being plugged into a pod. i would get what you want. there likely wouldn't be a HUGE difference, but i imagine that it may alter the tone a bit. that is just my opinion.
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All of my guitars sound different into my POD HD.
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The more things you have colouring your tone the less each individual thing matters. Pickups always impact your tone, but if you are heavily processing your sound the pickups are not going to matter as much as if you are leaving things raw.
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As others have said, the type of pickup you have is not an issue with recording; rather, they are chosen because you like how they sound. Your Pod should be able to record a guitar with either type of pickup.
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