Tian pointed to a large area of ??the right side of the back of his own , "This is a black , because there is sand frayed . asics gel noosa tri 8 mujerd odging let me see my mother , she said, came after seeing the dead would not let me attend the next day 150cm game " Tian said dismissively :" I comforted my mom went to jump two , I would die down, the horse's ability to reach if I would have to stand down but the real field .

Salute finished I felt anyway completed , it can be said is a kind of chivalry , you not only stand in court on behalf of yourself, represent your honor and adhere to , your body also tied the horse's honor and uphold , not deprive it of its right to performance in the field . " Playing hurt Tian insisted completed nike dunk high hombre 150cm race , stick to the honor of men and horses . Riding this is quite a few people seen as " tall on " sports , horseback riding for 15 years Tian have their own views " Equestrian is a noble sport is not wrong , but more importantly is the noble spirit , which I have just said chivalry . Horse riding and not everyone believes the status symbol , and I insist on going to school the morning of the afternoon training Racecourse

Every time you want to ride five horses , so stick with it can not because the ride more interesting , but I like horses, heartfelt love horses .