I've been reading around and was wondering what the community here does to optimize hard drive performance. I understand partitioning the sample libraries. Would one then leave their sample library in the partitioned section, organized however they want? Would a seperate partitioning be required for Vsts? Do you install them on the partition, or do you just move the .dll file? I'm assuming all the software stays on the original section of the drive.

What do you guys do?

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Not the answer you're looking for, but it's worth answering:

I do absolutely nothing special. I use standard suggested paths for everything. My plug-ins have to be mapped to their custom vst location, but that's just because ableton and waves don't always mesh in the vst browser. That's not really hard drive specific though.

I run a 500gb SSD and everything is snappy and responsive. No need to do anything funky to improve the quality of my recording experience or efficiency.
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I hear you man; I usually pick the defaults as of now too. I haven't had any problems really but I just think I might as well start in case it gets more complex down the line with more and more vsts.