I found a pink, Strat Style, full size Guitar on one of our online classifieds. I need help trying to find out who made it. It's a Strat style and the seller says the only make it has is a "b". She was told it stood for beginner. Does anyone have any idea what the maker is? It's a pink Strat and I kinda have a hing for pink Guitars. It's only 50 bucks but I don't want to spend that if it's total garbage. I would include a Pic but it was really grainy.
Really can't do anything for you without a picture or anything. Especially the headstock.

We'd just be guessing.
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For fifty bucks it's probably going to be pretty close to garbage, but those are the kind of guitars that are fun to take places and noodle around on
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Okay, so I went and bought it anyway. Talked her down to 40 bucks. There was no fret buzz on any note and the action looks really good. There was no scratchiness from any of the pots or the switch. 40 bucks, what could go wrong. Here are better pics. Anybody have any idea who or what made this guitar? There is no names, dates, or serial numbers.
The "brand" if you will is Bentley. The guitar was imported by Bentley from either China(if its newer, or Korea if its older) looks like a newer one. These are made in Bulk and many brands put their logo on them.
It's a guitar!
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Go ahead and spend your money, I don't care. It won't make you sound better.

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$40? What's not to like? Enjoy your new axe.
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Actually, she sounds pretty good. I put some Ernie Balls on her and she tones up kinda nice. I will have to adjust the bridge, but hell.