can include all types include work experience , work placement etc

for me - this are all work experience/placement

one at a garden centre which lasted 1 week
one at a college which lasted 3 days
and one at a Job Centre which lasted 4 weeks
Blow jobs ha ha get it guys
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account manager
technical support
customer service
english teacher
shop assistant x 4

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Cashier/cart pusher/stocker at Walmart for 7 months
Paper Boy for about 3 months
Bucks County Community College Photographer. Some of the pictures on the website are mine.
Landscaper for 4 months last summer.
One time I was a garbage man, and I occasionally worked with this fella who had been to prison. He was a scrawny meth-addled looking character and one time told a story about how in prison you do sometimes have to bend over and take it but like, it wasn't "that bad." :/
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Blow jobs ha ha get it guys

did the guy who had to put the leaves in the bag get paid more cause using the leaf blower is more fun?

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did the guy who had to put the leaves in the bag get paid more cause using the leaf blower is more fun?

maybe he ment a demolition specialist
Web design
Maintenance at a high-rise condo
Construction again
Ran my own company for all of 3 minutes
Web design again
Trash man for the county beaches

I've learned a lot from every job I've held. That's what I look for in the jobs I take until I get the one I really want.
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Grocery store in the Produce department, 6 years. (got job when I was 17, first job)

Inspecting car parts at GM, 3 months. (worst job I've ever had in my life)

Forge worker, 3-4 months (best job ever, I make army tank parts and bomb shells for the Americans)

I quit GM when I got the forge job (like the same day I learned I got that job. **** GM), and I still work at the grocery store. I've been there so long that they give me a pretty sweet deal. I work Monday-Friday at the forge, then I work 7am-11am at the grocery store on Sunday. When I'm laid off at the forge (which I have been for the past 2 months), I get about 24-30 hours at the grocery store. If it wasn't for the forge, I'd have liked to get into construction. I was always good at building things in highschool woodshop/metalshop classes. Even got awards for those classes.
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I work for my uncle's solar panel installation company. its a pretty gr8 job, the pay is fantastic even tho the work can be a bit strenuous sometimes and my uncle is a shitty boss.

but then again hes a jerk and everyone in my family is sick of his shit but thats another story for another time

I've been working there for almost two years btw, its the only job i've had
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Currently a recycled metals worker.

Not the type of jobs i dreamed about as a kid but a lot of people my age in Sweden have never even had a full time job so i'm more fortunate than many others.
In-N-Out - 22 months
Computer repair and sales at Office Depot - 1 year
Busser - 7 months
Food expediter (kitchen, but not cooking) - current job about 3 months in

I'm supposedly going to be promoted to serving at my current job which would be dope. Could potentially pull in 2.5-3 racks a month doing that.
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Gas station
Tourism stores
Dollar General
Information Systems at a steel plant
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Store associate selling school uniforms
Store associate selling toys

I'm about to start a job photo retouching porn pics for Reality Kings next week. Yea that's a pretty weird career path.
Spent 2 summers in high school working as a knackerman.
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Worked at two golf courses on grounds crew. Now I have a big boy job working as a chemist for a hazardous waste company. Well technically haven't started yet but should in couple of weeks.
Staking shelves in a supermarket
Sales job in an office
Packing job in a warehouse
Van delivery job
RPD - Finger Pickin' Good
Bagging / everybody's bitch at a supermarket
Cashier at Walgreens
Supervisor of a food pantry in a homeless shelter

Boring shit
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My first job was beekeeping, that was a fucking cool job. Got stung on a daily basis (my first summer in I calculated an average of 7 stings per day) but it was nice to be outside every day driving around the countryside.

Since that I've done construction and renovation for six-ish months, then moved on to warehousing. Worked at the Brick distribution center for a year and a half, then at an expediting company on the airport grounds that took way too much red tape, and just recently found a warehousing/fabrication job doing pipe insulation. Great pay, and I never thought I would find a company that treats their employees this well. Loving work these days.
Sunn O)))
Modest Mouse
Electric Wizard
Mammoth Grinder

Lucid Dreaming Thread
First job was at a kumon center marking workbooks and helping kids.
Second job was at another kumon center because the first one closed. I wasn't paid as much but the conditions were better.
My third job was as a cashier at a local grocery store for 5 months. I hated that and it kind of scared me when I found out some of the cashiers had been there for more than 20 years.
- assistant and heavy vehicle operator at waste disposal plant (x2)
- operator of machines that make bolts and nuts
- operator at an aluminium extrusion plant
- CNC milling & turning (x3)
- replacing work-beds of huge waterjet cutting machines
- gardener
- vacume-packing lumps of cheese at cheese factory
- figurant in some commercial
- operating "The Firebeast" at steel rebar plant
- i'm sure i forgot a few..

since 2 years i'm a CNC milling operator again. (thats what i did in school) and i'm still not fired personal record
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My first job was flipping burgers.
Then I was a controller for a cab firm during A Levels.
Then I worked as a cashier at a shop.
Finished undergrad and was given a managers position. I saved my wages to do my MSci a year later.
Then I worked at Nandos as a griller. I only lasted a week.
Then I worked in a shop as a weekend supervisor to put myself through my MSci.
Quit because I started my PhD, and I am now a part time pizza delivery driver to get a bot more money.

I love being a pizza delivery driver its actually a lot of fun and you can make a ton of money.
Sat in a lab, curing diseases. They actually LET me play with chemicals!
Various positions at Safeway/Woolworths (3 years)
Court Registrar (4 years and counting)
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Shuttlemaker. (making shuttles for weaving looms, not the space shuttle)

Blacksmith. (no, not the person who puts shoes on horses, that's a 'farrier', I just made metal stuff with a forge, an anvil and lots of different hammers)

Custom motorcycle parts fabricator. (in a custom motorcycle shop)

Musician. (yup, did it professionaly for a while)

Stand up comedian. (gained a regular booking at a local club after making the club owner literaly wet himself laughing while having a drink with him, it went OK, but I didn't like being on a stage on my own after playing in bands so I gave it up after a while)

Entertainments manager and promoter. (the guy who books the acts in a club or venue and then advertises the gigs)

Electrician's mate. (the guy who does all the hard work for an electrician, such as digging out channels in brickwork or drilling holes in joists, which the electrician will then run wrires through and connect them up to electrical items, usualy also installed my his mate)

Pallet basher. (a term for someone who repairs 'pallets', those wooden flat transport structures that support goods in a stable fashion while being lifted by a forklift, pallet jack, or front loader)

Artist. (mainly doing commissioned portraiture but also selling occasional pieces of other artwork like landscapes, animals, still life, etc)
1 year causal, takeaway food shop
3 years, Cabinetmaker
last 5 years laying floorcoverings
Street selling for a few weeks.
Call centre work for 2 weeks.
A few months working in an office.
Then I went to uni and sold mobile phones part time for 3 years, absolutely rinsed commission. I got so overdrawn afterwards because I had completely unrealistic expectations of how much you earn full time after gaining so much commission for so few hours.
After uni... data entry and admin for the NHS
Publishing internship
linguistics internship
Then more uni...
Then teaching for the past 2 years. I have still never reached the salary I was on when I sold phones
Supervisor at daycare center
Fast food place for 3 weeks (my uncle owns it and needed a temp)
teaching assistant at an elementary school
Research assistant (snakes and other large fauna)
Research assistant (tree shrews)
Research assistant (trees)
Tutor for student writing center (6 months)
Research assistant (water purification with organic waster matter)
"Worked" in a clothing store for 10 months but mostly just stood around all day
Club promoter (most fun and highest income but most stressful)
Research assistant (water purification with nanoparticles on quartz beads)

also a couple of ad hoc things like greeter for uni's open house (that paid a LOT, surprisingly) and I was an extra for a horror movie about a swim team and they also paid more than I expected for that. I also did an unpaid internship at a center for children with learning disabilities but on my first day there I got a kid to talk to me and apparently I was the first he'd ever talked to other than his parents so his dad gave me a lot for that and my boss started paying me after that lol
Warehouse worker for a month.
Working behind an assembly line now until the end of july.
- Merchandise salesman and green-screen photographer at The Toledo Zoo (best zoo in united states) for two summers

- Taco Bell for one summer

- Food court in my dorm at uni for two years

- Taught group guitar lessons at the YMCA for a year but they paid me shit and no one ever wanted to take private lessons so I stopped doing that

- Camp counselor for YMCA for one summer

- Americorps VISTA summer volunteer, working at charter schools and summer camps, teaching music and serving food

- Currently a delivery driver for a restaurant. Easily my highest paying job so far because I deliver in a fairly rich part of the city so I make great tips especially on weekends.
Operator on a machine that makes washerfluid.
Operator at a paper mill.
Sheet metal worker.
Krane driver.
Operator at a glass recycling plant.