Get in!
Get in the fucking car!
I swear if you make a noise I'll slit that little throat of yours.
Shut up!

Are you that sweet creature I saw in my dreams?
The one that moved with the currents of the breeze,
gold hair fluttering amongst the boughs of the oak tree
where my mind consumed itself with magic.
How I longed for this moment! Sweet nectarine,
your skin feels like velvet and satin and lace
in an enthralling combination of softness and lust.
Look at you! in your repose, delicate eyelids heavy
and stained with tears of sheer requited joy!
I would kill a thousand hairless virgins
to keep you just a fraction of a moment longer.
Your legs remind me of semaphore flags, Common Era,
if you catch the drifting of my ship-master’s thoughts.

Should I though? Should I kill you instead?
What would become of me if I showed my false colours,
the red to their green, the purple to their mauve?
Could I really be the be all and end all?
The alpha papa and the omega killer?
I can't do this!
I am everything to her.
I am her rock.
I am her bastion,
her fort,
her life support machine.
I could switch myself off.
But look at you!
Your hair!
The Amazonian alluvial fan on this warehouse floor.
Your tired breathing echoes a softness,
an almost imperceptible whimper, crushing me.

I have to now. You'll squeal, like the little pig-bitch you are.
You did this to yourself!
How dare you bite the hand that feeds!
How dare you hang Damocles' sword above my head!
You will not awaken from this slumber
so by God your last dream better be beautiful.

What have I done?
What have I done?
What have i Done?
Oh dear merciful God.
Stop, blood! Stay away from me!
Cannot you see I am tormented enough?
Stay away!
Stop this, you vile bitch!
I hate you,
I hate me,
I hate it all!


The blood...mingles.