My band Empires of Glass has released a new four track EP, available for free download and listen at http://empiresofglass.bandcamp.com/ . Would mean a lot if you checked it out!

Will happily review your stuff as well if you want. Thanks for looking.
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Section 5,
"Last Thing": The echo-y guitar reminds me of the Edge (good). The electric bass reminds me of the bass player from Peter Gabriel (good): Tony Levin. Singing is good overall. Synths are fine. Nice melodies. Sounds rather 80's, which is fine by me. Nice song & recording! Please review my music at this link:

Overall, I feel a late 80's vibe to this EP, which honestly isn't my cup of tea, but from an objective point of view I think there's a lot of quality in this, it reminds me of The Police which is a good thing. Keep up the good work!

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The recording tone is awesome. The song is really good too. Maybe a bit more snare snap... some transient designer maybe? The overall balance sounds really great though
That bassline on Last Thing Of My Mind is amazingly catchy! Overall clean and smooth recording quality you got here. My favorite would have to be See, nice blending of ambience. If I had to nitpick anything, some songs feel too "up front", if you know what I mean. Unsatisfied feels like there's a lot of empty space that could be filled in some way.

Anyways, I might have to give it a download! I'd love to hear your opinion on my material as well.
I don't normally listen to this kind of music (so I'm not an expert), but I listened to all four of those songs and ended up really liking what I heard. My favorite was probably "Unsatisfied". It was really catchy and got stuck in my head haha. As for the other three, a lot of the vocal melodies are really great as well and I enjoyed how the guitar was used for percussive effect at times. Production was great. Only criticism I could offer is that I felt the vocal mix could have varied at times through the use of effects and such, but that's more of a personal taste I guess. I just found that sometimes parts of the songs would have trouble keeping my attention at times, but like I said before, you guys have some really great melodies. Great job.