I'm in the market for a volume pedal I can add to my board. Preferably under $100 (US) if possible, but I would start saving up if there's some huge difference for one at $150-ish. I'm looking for something that won't color my tone, obviously. I try to keep my sound as clean as possible for home-recording purposes (distorted or not). I would be using this for swelling effects on long notes... most likely on a clean effect chain.

While looking through Guitar Center's website (I haven't actually tried any of these because I doubt there are very many in store), I found a couple pedals with different features I'm considering. There is a Morley Mini ($72) that is supposed to be smaller than a regular wah pedal. I'm considering that mainly because of the size and price. Also, I saw a passive Ernie Ball Jr. ($84) that's supposed to be small and not need power. I'm mostly indifferent about the power situation because I have one extra spot left on my power supply, but at the same time, I'd like to keep that open if possible.

Anyone else ever test out multiple volume pedals before? Are there other criteria I should think about? Would it help if I explained my amp or pedal chain more? Thanks