just out of curiosity guys, but is musicfriend supposed to open and check every order you make before sending it out. i've been a loyal musicfriend customer and i've noticed every single time i purchase something from them, the packages always come opened up and it looks as if the gear has been tampered with a little/touched. does anyone know if this is what they do? what do you guys think on the matter. thanks.
Do you mean the item's packaging or the box they put your items into? I've never noticed either of those.

If the individual item's package is tampered with, it might have been a return to them.
I received a floyd rose from them that appeared to have been opened
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why would they need to do this? i asked them and one of the customer support told me it was to check and make sure all the items were there before shipping. i'm not sure i'm buying that, but i find it very unprofessional to be doing this with customer's orders. btw, i'm talking about musicfriend opening the boxes with the equipment and going through it. i feel they could easily take, replace or send you used junk this way that may look new, but it's not. i think i might look for a different site to order from. i'm unhappy with them doing this.
you are meaning musiciansfriend.com , right? just to be cleaar.

i have practically ordered once or twice a month for the last 10+ years and never seen that before. occasionally there may be an issue with something, but i haven't seen anything related to opened packages
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