The best thing about Fridays is looking at the clock and realizing you had no idea what time it was. During the week I watch the clock like a hawk for work the next day, but today....

That doesn't matter.
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Friday, because you have 2 and half days to have fun and be lazy ahead of you.

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^ I've just realised if you say Simple Plan's 2011 effort "Get Your Heart On!" really fast in a Southern American accent, it sounds gross. . .like sexual gross!

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I'm looking for professional bongo-ists and triangle-ists to make a Progressive Technical Brutal Death Metal band
(will be called AxOxJxLxAxIxVxXxUxWxZxQxUxRxWxGxJxSxAxLxKxMxNxHxUxGxAxAxWxVxCxBxZxVx)
(Don't even ask what it means)


Wednesday because of it's short hair, shyness and is always down-to-earth.
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I seem to attract girls.
Which is annoying, cos I'm a girl and I like cock.

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Saturday because it's the first day of the weekend so even if you waste it you have one more day.
I like Tuesday because I tend to be most productive then. Monday sucks because it's right after the weekend and Wednesday onward I just don't want to do anything because I'm already looking forward to the weekend.
I like Friday because of that song by the Cure. I don't like Mondays.
dirtbag ballet by the bins down the alley
as i walk through the chalet of the shadow of death
everything that you've come to expect

tuesday because this tuesday is the day i turn 21 and can stop making other people get alcohol for me
I like Sunday because its the lords day.
Dance in the moonlight my old friend twilight

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Monday morning cause your Mom usually likes a quick shag before I go to work.
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Thursday is pretty good because you still have Friday ahead of you but Friday is always an easy day so yea. Thursday just feels like an extra Friday sort of.
Mondays and saturdays

Monday: usually off work, also back day

Saturday: get to hang out with all my frans
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Saturday, because I can wake up, realise I don't have to go anywhere, and then I realise I get a the whole next day to do the same thing.
Come back if you want to
And remember who you are
‘Cause there's nothing here for you my dear
And everything must pass
I like Monday mornings because I know that it is the maximum distance from the next weekend so the rate at which the weekend is approaching will only get bigger proportional to the amount of time left before the weekend.
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i like everyday but saturday and sunday **** those days they suck

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Tomorrow, making it out of bed.

If my crystal ball was filled with wine, i'd drain & drink it.

good song. Remember Styx?
Wednesday. I'm off work and $3 32oz. PBR's
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Sunday, cause i write my best shit when im hungover.

sometimes I see us in a cymbal splash or in the sound of a car crash
Monday. Feel fresh, just had a good weekend, lets you have a new start with a clean slate.

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Monday: start of a new week!

Saturday: lazy day at home or out shopping!