Hi, I hope this is in the right place. But as the title says I'm having a problem with amplitube 3. It does not sound very good, especially when playing power chords. It has a lot of static and fuzzy like noise. It is the free version so I'm not sure if that has anything to do with it. But I am trying out a ENGL amp and cab. I am plugging my guitar into my PC via the rocksmith cable (yes I intalled ASIO) so I'm wondering is that why? I tried messing around with sample rates a little bit but not much improvement was made. Do I need to actually buy it for it to sound really good like I have heard in youtube videos? And or do I also need a proper audio interface?

Thanks for any help!!
I have the free version too. It's not the best sounding app in the first place but I use a Focusrite Scarlet 2i4 audio interface. I'm guessing it's your cable.
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How does distortion in AT3 sound with the 2i4? That's the exact interface I'm looking at getting, just haven't yet since I haven't been able to afford it yet. I can get cleans to sound pretty nice in AT3 with my current set up but any high gain distortion sounds terrible.
Maybe I'm crazy, but I love Amplitube 3 at the moment. I must say I used it with the iRig HD first on my Mac and the sound quality wasn't great, it was ok, but popping and lots of noise. I use the 2i2 and once I plugged into that, and adjusted the buffer and sampling rate, the noise was almost gone and the popping etc stopped. I also run my guitars into a DI before going into the 2i2. I get really good results.