hey guys, just wondering how to go about this. I understand that i need the borax and the water to be a certain temperature and all that, just a question about the paint. I have seen that most people have used enamel hobby shop paints, but i am a spray painter in the automotive industry and was wondering whether automotive paints would do the same job or even better, just wondering if anyone has tried this with any success, or if there were any problems i should be on the lookout for.
thanks in advance
I suppose as long as it is oil based, and of a similar viscosity it should work.
I did a few rough test and the paint did seem to sit on the water, but as soon as i dipped something in it just seem to drip off, mind you, it was only a tin lid a wasn't properly preped for paint either, i will prep a piece of wood and try with that at a later date, thanks for the replies guys, i will report back soon.
I have had various success with enamel paint and a big bucket of water. Havent tried any other methods and stopped coming into the winter as water temp is a influencial factor.

Post photos please! Ill throw mine up when im on my home PC.