Hello everyone,

I have a standard Telecaster Japan and I want to customize it a little for more versatility, adding but not subtracting anything.

What I was thinking was to add a middle pickup. I was hoping to make the customization as easy as possible. I want it to have as many options as possible and yet easy to do the customization, as I'm not super experienced in this.

I was thinking to do a middle-bleed system, where just the middle pickup sits on a volume knob separate from everything else. That way I can have the original sound with an added middle pickup wherever I want.

Also I was thinking to do this with a Fideli'Tron pickup, but is that recommended? I needed help especially with info like if I can use the same pots for this. Obviously a middle-bleed would mean an added pot... Maybe the Fideli'Tron is not a good idea in the first place?

Any help would suuuper great.

(I'm very new here - this is my first post - so help and tips are much appreciated!)

--- James

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Sounds like an interesting project. I can't comment on the pickup choice but I don't see why it would be a problem. The only thing I think you will have to overcome is that fact that when you have an "always on" pickup added to the output via a blend pot then the entire signal has a route to earth via that pot so it ends up acting as a master volume. But there are plenty of resources out there on the internet for you to look into.

It must be possible because I have a semi that has 3 P90s with a volume control each and that works as you would want it to.