Hello, I received an swap offer for my Ibanez Ar-250 (Jazz + JB) 2003 for an Jackson dk2s Dinky.

The guy said that the guitar is 3,4 years old - and he gave me the serial number - 9816707.
I tried to check it myself but i couldn't understand how the jackson serials work.
Someone can confirm the age of the guitar?

Someone have an experience with the guitar? I moslty play metal and i wanted to get an sustainer guitar for along time.

How is the tremolo system on the guitar?

Its will be my first Jackson i ever played, how is the neck on this one? is it similar to Ibanez`s wizard neck?

Thank you guys, appreciate the help
probably not a million miles away from a wizard, though not identical either.

tremolo is probably not great, though (supposedly, don't quote me) a direct swap for an OFR.

maybe check jcf (jackson/charvel forum) for info on the serial numbers.
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No idea on those serials, but the neck is slightly thicker and I think its more D shaped whereas Ibanez is more C shaped.

If you choose to trade for the Jackson-> Dave is right, the DK2S uses a JT580LP, the stud spacing is good, an OFR spaced trem will drop right in. BUT, you should replace the posts for OFR spec posts. The Jackson posts are too thick and put a bit more friction on the edges of the trem.

IMO, you should get a Gotoh Floyd (Its like $100 now) and have a tech redrill the holes for the studs that come with it. I don't know if the Gotoh posts can screw into OFR spec studs, so you could also try that. If neither, you can get your hands on a pair of OFR spec posts and the Gotoh Floyd can pivot perfectly fine on those.

I would not recommend the current Floyd Rose OFR/FRO/whatever they call it now, its shit compared to most other locking tremolos, even the Jackson JT series is on a similar level.
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