I was wonder if I should buy a mex tele then change the pickups. If like to get a single coil sound as I have a Gibson LP atm.

Another question I have is would it be worth it to buy a used USA tele but the kepp the pups?

Also, if I didn't change the pups, what should I get for more of a modern tone like Radiohead or Weezer?
Some of the MIM teles are really nice. Modifying teles is pretty normal fare. Try it. If you like the way it feels, buy it. Lots of options out there with pups and bridges and whatnot. Chances are that even if you bought a MIA one, you'd be looking for something else one day anyway. Once you've had it for a while you'll form an opinion of what you actually want from the guitar and you'll go on the search for the perfect pup like the rest of us.
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I say go for it, teles are tons of fun.

Hot rails for the bridge? I feel thats a pretty standard rock mod for a tele. I pretty well like the stock neck pup in a tele, but lets be honest people don't often buy a tele for the neck pickup (:
there are 2 big differances between mia and mim teles. Mia have ok pikups and an ok setup while mim have poor pickups and the setup might be ok but might be horrible. If you are happy with ok then an mia will do the job out of the box. If you want better than ok then you will still have to get a pro stup and new pickups so going mia is simply tossing money in the fire. An mim with new pickups and a pro setup incuding fret leveling andfiling the nut will cost about the same as an mia with no work but it will be a better guitar than the mia. The only real drawback is resale and collctors value of an mim will never be as good as the mia. So if you will keep it forever then go mim and upgraid. If you might ant to sell it in 5 years mia is worth consideration
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This is what I do. I'm a Fender guy but don't have the $$$ to buy MiA. I'll buy a MiM Strat or Tele or whatever, then change out the pups and MAYBE the tuning machines.

I've noticed that quality on the MiM have gone up over the past few years (last two I bought were set up perfectly aside from pups right out of the box). They've upgraded the hardware slightly (not the pups though), and they feel more quality.

To me, it's well worth it. Why spend $2000+ on a MiA when I can spend ~$500 on a MiM, throw $200-$250 pups in it, change out the tuners for around $100 and have it sound just as good?

Try a MiM in store to see if you like it, though.

EDIT: Make sure you check out pups not made by fender as well as made by them. I usually order some D. Allen pickups (I highly recommend these), but it's all personal preference.
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I'd recommend shopping around for a used American, they usually don't go for much more than a new mim. I managed to buy mine for 500 dollars, and he was selling it for $700 so either way not too bad, and it's my favourite guitar. I find the Mexicans can be iffy sometimes, so it's best to try them all before you buy. I have a Mexican strat and it doesn't feel right to me, I hardly play it.

DO NOT count out the Squire classic vibe. My friend bought one and with a few adjustments and tweaks it'd be on par with my American. If you don't care about the logo on the headstock they are amazing guitars for an awesome price. I'd take the classic vibe over the Mexican anyday
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