Hey guys, so I'm faced with a decision, should I get the Fender Mustang V or the IV, the only difference I see is that the V is a amp head, so I need a cabinet to play it, and the IV is a combo, can anyone give any advice, maybe from personal experience which one should I go with?
If you don't have a cabinet already or can only buy the head, then go with the Mustang IV. Anything beyond the Mustang II (III, IV, V) has the same features, just more speakers. The III is a 1x12, the IV is a 2x12 combo and the V is the half stack 4x12, but the same guts are in each of them. They use the same modeling circuitry in all the models above the II. They'll sound a bit different because of the size of the speaker cabinet, but the IV would probably do you fine.