other than price , what the difference between the two ??..... is it worth the extra hundred for the G50 ??

thanks , Eric
Yeah get the G50
It has more options and it is a metal case not plastic like the G30
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The G50 is indeed worth the extra money.
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Quote by Fumble fingers
is it worth the extra hundred for the G50 ??

Yeah, I thought so (own the rack version).
wireless would be one of the few things, that i wouldn't cheap out on given opportunity
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thanks guy's .... they had the G30 on the shelve , wasn't sure if it was worth the wait for the G50 , never been wireless and this is the first time I have ever been in a Band , just don't want any troubles that my "rookie ass" can't figure out quickly
Consider the Shure GLXD16 instead. Same metal casing in a pedal form with an added tuner and rechargable battery. Same price as the G50.
Bought the g30 last week,easy as to figure out,walked all thru the house playing and it didn't skip a beat so to speak,It's a great buy
I got the G50 in a couple week ago for Fathers Day , will try it out tomorrow or maybe tonight , old habits are hard to brake , I just keep plugging cables in and forget about the wireless ...... I have band practice tomorrow and figured I would test it before band practice and use it during practice