I inherited my grandfather's Fender F-210LH. I am learning to play guitar and was considering converting the guitar from left handed to right handed. I was hoping somebody could shed some light on some of my concerns. I am not sure of the value of the guitar and was not sure if I would be destroying value of the guitar or if I would be wasting my money on converting it. I have no intentions on selling the guitar but also don't want to ruin it if it is valuable. I would also prefer that the guitar isn't just sitting in it's case in a closet like it has been for the last 20+ years.

Any information is appreciated.

Well, the Fender F210LH is an Asian import, with a laminated top.

See Fender's description , and valuation, (MSRP) here: http://www.fender.com/support/articles/acoustic-instruments-product-dating/

In the broadest sense, laminated instruments don't appreciate the way an old Martin D-28 would.

With that said, being left handed, and having done a few "jiffy" conversions, I wouldn't recommend doing the right handed thing on this particular guitar.

To do it right would likely cost more than it's worth, and doing a quick flip over, (IMHO), is "Mickey Mouse" at best.

You're in a very rare list of individuals in this predicament. While there are about 10% of left handed individuals in the general population, the percentage of left handed guitars produced is much lower than that. In fact, PRS just flatly stated they were no longer going to support left handed players, period.

If you can swing it financially, I'd suggest that you grab a Yamaha FG-200, (about $200.00, the same as the tentative value of the Fender), and make your grandfather proud by learning to play to the best of your ability. The Fender I'd keep as a tribute, and reflect on it when the occasion warrants.