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I am in the hunt for a strat currently and I've been wondering how good are the new strats from Dean Zelinsky Private Label.

I am a bit confused. Strats are abundant in the used market. However, these guitars sit around the price of a new Classic Vibe/Modern Player and a used Mexican Fender, all the while offering features that American and CS Fenders have (compound radius, 2-point trem, locking tuners)

Anyone kind to shed some light on this?
The quality is outstanding, but they have some features - the Z-Glide neck among them - that some people like and others do not. But as far as components, build quality, finish and fit, etc., they are first-rate.
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They're made in an Indonesian factory that Dean Z picked out himself, which accounts for the generally lower price.

While I've been looking at the Tagliares long & hard, I haven't been able to pull the trigger on one yet. Reviews & YouTube demos have been pretty positive on them.

However, I know of someone who just recieved one from a buddy who left it to him in his will. He's planning on playing/gigging with it and reporting on it.

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