I am looking for new speakers for my Peavy classic 50. I have the stock blue marvels in there now and they are a little too shrill on the high end when i crank it. I was thinking about doing a pairing of the eminence swamp thang and the texas heat or the swamp thang and the wizard. I play in a grunge/stoner rock band. I like a fat sounding guitar tone but still want my high end to stand out during leads. Can anyone help me out?
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For stoner I like Greenback or g12h30 type speakers

Eminence GB128 is a great Greenback type speaker and the WGS green-beret is also a good G12m25 clone and the WGS reaper speakers are great G12h30 type speakers and all are fairly cheap
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I'd go for a couple G12H-75 creambacks or G12H-75 creamback copies, or greenbacks.
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I have a Peavey classic 412e with Sheffield 1230 16 ohm speakers and I actually like the sound of them, although they seem to get a lot of dislike, so nobody wants them. And that's fine, cause it makes them cheaper when I find a cab loaded with them. I've got 1260's and 1290's but I always go back to the 1230.