Hey everyone, just wanted to ask if anyone owns or knows anything about the Zoom G1Xon Multi Effects that I have just recently seen online for only $70. It has an expression pedal with it, which I have never used and one of the many effects is a wah. My question is can the expression pedal be used with the wah effect and come close to sounding like a Dunlop CryBaby? I owned a CryBaby many years ago and was going to buy one for $70 but thought that I could buy the Zoom pedal for the same price and have a ton of different effects and amp sounds. Thanks for any help you can offer!

I'm a fan of the G3 and while I've never tried that one, there's another regular on here who's also a G3/5 user (Ponyfan, I think his name is) who says it has the same fx, so I'd say go for it. I admire your practicality, I did the same thing a couple days ago, bought a Digitech RP355 for $50 just for the Whammy function. I've been Whammy riffing for 2 days now, haha, I frickin' love it, great buy for that alone. Hopefully you'll have similar luck.
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The G1Xon is advertised as having a whole bunch of the G3's FX ..it's very 80's/plastic-y looking but sounds fairly decent and is tough enough for regular practice/bedroom use..

This is a wah clip I recorded last year ..it's not the best recording (mono/patch cable out -> a handheld digital recorder) and I've just used the stock wah pedal preset played over a loop also recorded with the Zoom's looper/onboard FX/drums....but will give a rough idea of the response/tone etc..

I think I'm probably the PonyFan that PonyFan is referring to.

I have the G1on and the G3. They use essentially all the same effects, and as you probably know the G1on is the same as the G1Xon but without the expression pedal.

On the G3, the effect you're looking for is #113 and is called PedalCry. However, it isn't included on my G1on, although that is probably because it doesn't have the expression pedal needed to control the effect (it's included on the G3 because you can use an external expression pedal).

I'd say it's a reasonable assumption that the expression pedal effects would be included on the G1Xon, however I obviously can't guarantee it. I can say though, that the wah effects that are included on the G1on are all very useable.
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I am getting a Zoom G1Xon delivered Thursday to play through my Marshall DSL 15c.  Plan just to use the Fx like delay, tremolo, chorus etc, and hope I still get the tube amp feel.  I just bought the Marshall, my first tube amp,  so I am probably getting a head of myself.  Being playing thru a Fender Mustang III for the past few years.