Every time I record guitars with distortion there's always a hissing sound. And I don't mean it hisses when I'm not playing. You can hear the hissing throughout the track. I've recorded direct with Guitar Rig 5, Amp sims w cab impulses like lepou le456, tse x50, EZMix 2, and I've also recorded with mic'd amps. My guitar track is always hissing.

Listen to this one that I made:


You can hear the hissing throughout the guitar track right? This one was recorded with EZMix 2. with one of the frederik presets. Don't tell me to use cab sims cause I hate how they make things sound and I can still hear the hiss. I can't use real amps anymore because the outlets in my house are sucky.

I see people on YouTube using the same products as me and it sounds fine. What's going on?! HELPP!!

my guitar is an ESP M-17 seven string direct into a Presonus 22vsl audiobox that goes into my laptop. I use FL Studio.
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If you hit record while not playing anything is that hissing still there? Or does it only come through when you actually play a note?
Only comes thru when I'm playing. It usually doesn't hiss when i'm not playing depending on what preset i'm using
All i hear is overuse of sidechain compression
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noise gates only get rid of noise when you're not playing tho right? My problem is that there's noise in the guitar tone itself.
OK, what about the guitar with the same cable through something else, like an amp or maybe another PC? I am starting to think that maybe you're getting interference from something or badly shielded pickups. Also try if laptop on battery by unhooking the PSU as some sound cards have exhibit noise issues from PSUs in some rare instances.
I just tried all those things u said. I don't know if my pickups are shielded badly tho. Maybe the distortion in the guitar tone is just too harsh?
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no difference when I unplugged the PSU. The amp I have sounds shitty anyway. And i have used a different cable in the past. same story. I try not to use amps in my house because my outlets are old and make them buzz really loud.