Look at that beautiful amp.

I put an ad on Craigslist that read something to the effect of: "Wanted - your cheap amp. Willing to pay 10$." and I was expecting somebody to have a Squier SP 10 or similar, but this fella emailed me about this Kustom. I agreed to spend 20$.

I don't have much basis for comparison so you can take the following review with a heavy dose of salt.
Short version: I think I got a halfway decent amp for the price. Would I pay full price in the store? Nah. But for 20 bucks?
1. Spring reverb.
2. Two channels
3. 8" Celestion Speaker
4. Relatively cool-sounding solid state distortion

It looks like hell but that's alright. It's more fun to use than the Orange Crush Pix that I've been borrowing.
I think your cat is excited to have a new litterbox. Happy (you need a) New Amp Day!

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My first amp probably sucked more than that, and I wish I only paid it $20...

Happy NAD, have fun!
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Loved the commentary; HNAD!
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I've got 4 sounds.

1. Rhythm channel clean sounds alright. Nothing to brag about but it's clear enough and not too hissy for practice.
2. Using my ac30 amplug for a pass-through into the rhythm channel. It's modelling but as far as models go I think vox models the ac30 as well as anyone.
3. Then of course Kustom's high-gain sound
4. If you dial it in juuuuust right you can kinda get a bluesy crunch.

It's more useful than i expected. I expected basically no usefulness at all. Tbh i was planning to strip it for parts and contribute toward the tube amp i was building but now i kinda want to transplant the brains of it into my new head and make it channel 3

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The AC30 Amplug is a decent model of an AC30? Yours must be different to mine.
They're a useable toy but you'd have to have a hell of a good imagination to think it sounded like an AC30.
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The AC30 Amplug is a decent model of an AC30? Yours must be different to mine.
They're a useable toy but you'd have to have a hell of a good imagination to think it sounded like an AC30.

Well I didn't exactly say that an amplug sounds like an ac30. Lets's not get all crazy up in here.

I know... splitting hairs...