Yo GGnA'ers.

Yo ever had weird stuff happen with your gear that just dumbfounded you and others?

I have a Roland Cube that kept on cutting out the sound intermittently at one point. Took it to a friend to check it out who ran sound through it for like 24 hours straight. No problems. It's never done it since.

Had a gig just the other week. Set my stuff up like I have done 100 times before, but as soon as I ran my board in front of the amp the sound would cut. After a while of doodling I managed to get the sound going, but this time the sound cut as soon as I engaged any pedal. So I played that gig with no effects. Took it home, set it up. Absolutely no problems; all the cables were perfect and the pedals working properly.

What's your 'ghost in the machine' story?