Hello all.

This is my latest attempt at creating some black metal. Guitars are straight from my Boss GT6 (I think I overdid the distortion a bit). Drums are sequenced. Orchestral style stuff is from a few free soundfont packs (Bellatrix orchestra and Squidfont mainly).

I know that the clean vocals are god awful - I really need to learn how to sing and/or how to use autotune better. If anyone has any tips on how to make vocals sound anything other than absolute crap I would love to hear them.

Any comments/criticism on composition and mix will be greatly appreciated.


Cool song man.

Anyway, mix crit

Don't be afraid to bring the guitars up more, and contrary to what you might think, some more distortion wouldn't hurt. Maybe even track an additional two rhythm tracks over the ones you've already got, that will thicken the guitars up more.

Also bring the bass up more too man, it should help fill out the low end better and give a fuller sound.

A touch of reverb on the vocals wouldn't hurt either, and even a subtle stereo delay on them (with a lowpass and turned down so that it just sits below the mix, not audible but helping the vocals glue with the song)

Some compression on the master channel to help glue it all together wouldn't hurt either.

Not trying to rip your mix to shreds btw, I think its a good song and that a few mix changes could help it shine
The drums sound a little dry, but it may just be me since my laptop has awful speakers. Also, in the parts where there is orchestration, I would bring the guitars up a little.

Songwriting wise, I'm not too much of a Black Metal guy, but I enjoyed it, mostly the second half of the song, nice riffing at the start too.
I don't think your cleans are bad, but they would sound better an octave higher since it has a more powerful feel, this way it sounds like you're afraid to sound bad. But don't worry, I'm sure you'll improve a lot!

Here's my C4C if you want to review it: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1643890
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I don't like growling, so I like your non-growling vocals better (good for the genre). The guitar work & synths sound good! I'm sure Auto-Tune has gotten better through the years, but I only have experience with an Antares AVP-1, as far as Antares pitch correction goes. Overall, I think Melodyne ("assistant" in my case, which works on monophonic sources only) works a lot better than my AVP-1 with pitch correction, plus you can do timing correction with Melodyne also (which is at times helpful, but doesn't always work as hoped for, just as pitch correction doesn't always work as hoped for). Every once in awhile Melodyne has a free temporary trial version (takes a significant time investment though). Please review my music at this link:

Thank you all for taking the time to listen.

Kämpfer - thank you for the mix tips - I dont take that sort of criticism as ripping it to pieces - I really appreciate the suggestions (it's the only way I will ever get any better). I have tried double tracking guitars in the past but had problems with my playing - I'm just not accurate enough yet and I ended up with a horrible comb filtering effect where they kept going in and out of phase with eachother (more time at the metronome required ).

For the vocal delay you suggested, would you do this by sending the original to a bus and then lowpassing the bus and adding delay? If so would you put the send in before or after all of the original tracks effects? (I assume that is how you would do it).

As for bus compression - I am a heavey handed nob 'ed when it comes to such things and have ruined previous mixes with attempting it so I'm pretty cautious about it now. If I was to do it I assume it would be best to go for a fairly high threshold, slow attack, long release and low ratio - basically just squidge the very top of the waveform a little - is that right?

VíctorG - You are band on the money about the clean vocals - I live mid terrace and dont want the neighbours hearing my off key caterwalling so I tend to go low with it. I need to free the beast a little.

aaron aardvark - Thank you for the comments. As far as pitch correction goes I was using autotune as a generic term for pitch correction rather than refering to an actual product. I am a linuc user so I dont think any of the products you mentioned would run for me natively. I have heard it is possible to run melodyne in a kind of emulated environment though. The specific plugins I tried just gave me a warbly sort of sound (I dont want to sound like Cher!!). I think I may go see if I can pick up one of the trials of meoldyne and see if I can make it work.

Thanks a lot people.
This really damn good, but it's way too clean. I know that might sound odd, but black metal is pretty damn noisy. Do what Kampfer says. You pretty much want to create a really dark wall of sound and I mean a concrete wall. You want the listener to bash his face into it.
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Yeah, send a copy of the processed vocal track to a bus, then chuck the delay on that. Depending on what delay plugin you use, there might be a lowpass function built into it. If not, try chucking a lowpass before or after the delay plugin and experiment with how low to put it etc. But a built in lowpass on a delay plugin is better because with every repeat of the original source it gets more and more lowpassed giving a nice atmospheric effect.

Also as a general rule, passing a delay then through a slight reverb will soften the delay and make it sit nicer.
I dig it. Not a fan of the vocals but I'm not a fan of black metal vocals so that may just be me rather than you.
I really like the clean part starting towards the middle as well but think the clean guitar should be a little louder relative to the strings, though the strings aren't extremely overbearing so if you choose to keep it as it is, that shouldn't be a problem. I just love me some clean guitar parts in my metal.
Composition wise it's pretty cool as well. Good job man.
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This is a really interesting and quite beautiful song!

I dig your vocals, clean and distorted! Don't try to change into what is already out there (my opinion).

But, I think you ought to have another go at double tracking the guitars. You can obviously play those quite quick riffs on time, so you should be able to get another another track close enough to expand the sound. I makes a world of a difference. Good practice too, more fun than a metronome.

Keep on - want to hear more!