Greetings all, I'm looking for a little advice/guidance from you more advanced players.

I am in my 40's and have been around guitars since my teens, having been passed one by my brother in law and finding I have a talent for playing/learning. I have been picking one up every now and then since that time BUT I have not really progressed much in playing ability. I can handle barre chords, open chords etc but when it comes to jamming with others I really struggle if they go off track and improvise. Compared to them my playing sounds almost monotone

Now to the fun part, I stand at a crossroads here....WHAT is best for me? I know no music theory beyond the basics, having picked up what I know via others or books I grabbed. SHOULD I go back and try to relearn the "right" way (if there is one)? Nowadays I play mainly reggae, even going so far as to do some recordings using sonar with my mates......I need to learn some chops

Can someone point me in the right direction? I am really interested in some three or 4 note moveable chords so that I can build up some reggae licks. Many thanks in advance.
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i don't think you need to unlearn anything man.. i'd say the best you can do now is taking a look at the theory to back-up what you are doing in practice.

these 3-4 note chords are pretty easy once you know how to form them. first you must know your major and minor scales. a standard m/M(7) chord are the 1-3-5-(7)th notes of those scales. find the root note, and look for the other 2 or 3 notes on the strings around the one your root note is located on. on a guitar neck the positions of the 5th, 3rd and such are relatively always in the same location regarding to your root. (but keep in mind that from the b string on everything skips 1 fret towards the bridge)

so once you know the chord shape of a Bm7 with B on the g-string, you can just move that entire chord shape 3 frets so the root note becomes D and you have a Dm7 chord. if you want to change that Dm7 into a Dmajor7 you can stay in the same location on the fretboard but simply raise the 3rd note and 7th note of the scale 1 fret and you got the major7 shape with root on the G-string.

after that it's only a matter of practice to memorize the chord shapes with the root starting on different strings

i hope that made sense
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i don't think you need to unlearn anything man.. i'd say the best you can do now is taking a look at the theory to back-up what you are doing in practice.


maybe even get a teacher just to check you're not on the wrong track, but you may well be fine.
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