Hey guys. I'd like to put a FULL humbucker in the bridge position of my '13 Fender American Standard Strat. Would this require cutting away at the body? I would have it done at a shop or by a luthier. What does something like this generally cost?
No cutting needed but you will need a new pick guard
You may also want to change pots and also have the hum bucket in a ring like this

Allparts will have the pick guards, pots etc. it's an easy job but if you don't already own an iron and cannot solder take it to a shop or a local tech, it won't be expensive to fit. My local shop would match the online pup price and fit for free if I asked them (I DIY)
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I think your strat is routed for humbuckers. Just remove the pickguard and have a peek.

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yes your strat has a rear route for a humbucker. as others have saidyou can just get a new pickguard and you are good to go.