I'm trying to improve my tecnique and I would like to know what should be the proper right hand position for alternate picking.

I know that there are a lot of great guitarist like petrucci, gilbert, malmsteen and so on ... and each one uses a different tecnique.

In particular I would like to know if I should place my wrist on the bridge while I alternate pick or not .. I'm intereted mostly in Paul Gilbert tecnique ... Wht is like for him?
Moreover what about the forearm ... I use to keep it on the body of the guitar ....

Thank you guys
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The right position for the right hand is the one which is most relaxed and natural to you. You should NOT imitate other players way of playing, but find the most natural and relaxed way that works for you, cause we are all different, although there are traits that we all share.

The easiest way to find a natural right hand position is taking these steps:

1) Relax your hand completely. Straighten your arm down and let your hand relax and fall down, palm faceing the floor.
2) Turn the arm so the palm is facing upwards.
3) Put your pick between the index and thumb and lightly hold the pick.

This is how you find a natural way to hold the pick and a handposition. Then simply move the hand and place it on the bridge of the guitar, and you should have a good position for your hand.

Regarding the forearm i usually rest it on the body of the guitar, don't push into the body though, just let it rest there. If i am playing funk or disco however, the forearm doesn't rest on the guitar.

Hope that was helpful.

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