Hey, I've recently got a new Gibson LPJ and am loving it, recorded this with it.

I'm more after help with the tone than anything else, I can't play for shit so don't worry about that.

Here's the track.

Just random messing around really. Thing is the bridge pickup (498T) just doesn't sound good to me.. you can easily tell when I swap to it as well.. it's just too hot/brittle.. can't explain it.

Can someone give this a listen and let me know what they think of the tone?
I think it sounds pretty cool, it seems to fit with what you're playing. and your playing's definitely not shit haha
Cheers mate.

I don't feel like the bridge pickup fits what I'm playing at all, it doesn't really work with the neck pickup at the moment. As soon as I swap to the bridge pickup, it basically peaks, even at low volumes on the guitar, basically peaks.

I'm thinking I'll lower the pickup and see how it goes.. otherwise, well, I don't want to swap pickups
Hey man, overall I thought this was pretty awesome!!!! I agree that the neck pickup sounds better, but when u switch to the bridge pickup it's not bad. If you are just going to play clean stuff like this, lowering the pickup might help, BUT I would just stick to the neck, or maybe try rolling down the tone knob when u go to the bridge one? ALSO, as for the playing, the playing on this was quite solid. Pretty chill piece of music, a few out of tune sounding notes (Especially a few bends) but still it was decent! Id listen to something like this again! Keep it up!