Hey I was wondering how many of you blog about your builds... I have been building, assembling, and restoring for a while now and just decided to start blogging about it. You can view it here, www.FretboardDiaries.com

So anyway, I invite you to share your blogs and your knowledge. I think it's a great way to learn, share knowledge, and keep track of your builds... So please share yours...
That's sort of the point of this forum. There was a time when a large percentage of the threads on here were people reporting on their build projects, although it's dropped off considerably in recent years.

If you're a builder your stuff would be very welcome, but just linking to an external blog is not so great. By all means have the link in your signature but post some content here too.
That's precisely the point of this forum. If you want to contribute, please either make a thread with a specific topic (a particular build, restoration, repair, technique) and/or support other users in their own endeavours.

Thread closed.