I recently purchased a Boss ME-80 for recording purposes. I haven't been getting any good sounds out of it so far and I was wondering if either I should return this and get something else or if there's any tips at all for getting a good recording sound out of it. Thank you in advance
Assuming that the unit is working properly, your inability to get any "good sounds" with the unit suggests that you do not like what it does to your tone. This is an entirely subjective assessment. In that situation, I would return it to the shop and get one that does give you the tones that you want.
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are you using just the unit for recording or running it into an amp? if the distortion sounds are the issue keep in mind that you need far less than you might think for recording purposes. what sounds good for say practice purposes will come out to distorted sounding when recorded.
I'm just going to buy something else. Any suggestions for a desktop effects processor for 300?
get your self a Line 6 POD. great for recording. see songs in my profile for examples
Take a good look at a Zoom G3 or G3X. I replaced my whole pedal board with one of these.
Alright I'll check out those options, thanks for you help .
Also worth going to the Recordings forum & reading the stickies.

There's a whole thread dedicated to software plugins, and another dedicated to the kit you can use for recording.

Also, +1 to the Zoom G3 suggestion, I have one on my board & it's an excellent pedal.
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