Does anyone know if there is any production difference in the UK available 2008 & 2011 Jaguar bass? My brother is selling his 2008 one and was told they are quite rare, but according to Wikipedia it looks like the 2011 models are essentially the same guitar
Can anyone shed any light on it?
Unless it's the Hot Rod Red w/matching headstock I don't think it's rare, I'm fairly certain that color was discontinued. As far as I know the only differences have been color availabilities, hardware & electronics are the same. It's hard to get an Olympic White one unless you're in Japan, I've seen those sell for more due to it being region specific. Depending on condition & what color he has he may be able to get $650 out of it, I don't know...
If you're talking about MIJ Deluxe Jags then the only difference between an 2008 and a 2011 is going to be color options. Outside of the Japanese market the Jaguar was only available in two colors (black and hot rod red) from 2006 through 2010. In 2011 Fender changed up the color options but the bass itself is the same.
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