Hi, I'm new here and have been reading thru the posts in this gear building and customizing treads.
Many good idea's you guys have! Not everything
I read that I agree with but thats mostly taste.

One of my hobbies when I have some sparetime is buying a second hand crap strat copy and rebuild it to make it nice to play and that it sounds good for usually less then 200$ thats included paint job, pick ups, hardware thats needed and new set of strings! The outcome of 50% of the guitars is very good. The ones that is a pain in the ass playing and sounds horible I part up and use some parts on a new project or sell for 100$.


This is the newest project, I bought the guitar very cheap 3 days ago and have found some second hand 1year old scn pick ups by fender.
Colour I'm thinking apple candy red with same colour head stock!
Maybe gold colour pick guard and white buttons.I will see when it goes along.

Condition. ...
First strat copy I'we bought thats made of plywood!!
Its banana shape and 18th freet is like 20mm from the e string!.
Many scratches and ugly finish. All the tuners where loose that wass the first thing I took appart and fixed.
Now I have disassembled the guitar and are going to cut down the holder for the neck to get the right alignment.

Where are you located? I know some good cheap parts and pickup suppliers depending on where you live.
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Hi Robbgnarly! Thanks for trying too help but I live in Norway😂 so shipping from the states are often more expensive then the actual parts! Lol

I could not upload pictures? Seems to be a spesific size frame or something?
I have a friend in Norway and I've often bought stuff for her here and then sent them on myself, it being cheaper that way than getting them sent directly.

It might be worth asking some UK suppliers anyway - if I can post stuff to Norway relatively cheaply then they should be able to.


For your pictures, try http://tinypic.com/ and embed them in your post with tags.