I've been on a delay kick lately. In the process, I most likely gave false sales hope to countless Guitar Center reps expecting me to buy every single pedal I bugged them to pull out and let me noodle with. After messing with just about every delay they carry, I bought the TC Electronic Flashback X4.

Yes, I'm well aware I've got two other delays on my board still. Do I use all of them? I sure as hell do. The Boss and normal sized Flashback have been on my board for a while. They're both set to my most commonly used delays. The Flashback X4 is mainly for additional textures/ambience and a good dynamic/ducking delay for some rhythm parts. I don't play metal so I'm sure my board looks almost foreign to a lot of you guys.

The Flashback X4 replaced my Vox Delay Lab. I guarantee most people at our shows probably thought was a lunch box full of snacks or beers on my pedalboard since that pedal is massive. The Vox has some really interesting features and a whopping set of 30 presets to store but I really wasn't happy with it. The Flashback X4 is simple and sounds amazing. Wish I got this thing sooner, especially considering all the delays I've bought/sold/traded.

I've haven't messed with the TonePrint feature or the only software yet to adjust additional parameters. About to look into that right now, even though I doubt I'll make use of it. Anyone else using a Flashback?
Thats some serious delayability you've got there! I had the x4 for awhile and love it but had to sell it recently to help cure my gas for a thinline tele with p90s. I don't really use delay too much but Its good to have all of 'em when I do (haha) and I love the looper and fully plan on getting another x4 in the near future. They are sweet pedals, HNPD!
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HNPD! Interestingly enough, I A/B'd the X4 and Delay Lab and ended up with the Delay Lab, as I felt it sounded more lush and had more options I'd use, plus it was cheaper new than a used X4
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lucky1978 - The looper is kind of just there for me. I really don't have a use for looping in a live setting but it's fun to mess with when noodling at home. Good for looping sections of songs to really work on lead/solo lines without bothering with setting up my recording gear. Those Thin Line Teles are nice. I almost bought a Nashville Tele a couple weeks ago. That thing sounded and played so nice.

MatricClaw - The Delay Lab definitely has a warmer sound than the X4, especially with the added tone knob. Apart from the size of the Delay Lab, my only issues with it was its inability to bank down, seemed to warm my tone up too much and it produced a really annoying hum. The hum was more of my fault since I found the source was daisy chaining it with the rest of my pedals. I really didn't want to add an extra wire to the mix since the bassist has already been whining about extra wires on stage lately. Who needs a bass player anyway?

If Vox happens to be in the process of making a Delay Lab 2, a way to bank down and making it daisy chain-friendly would be huge.