Here is a tutorial of some song :

I played it but the sound of my guitar doesnt match his. Im not talking about tones. Even after i tune it correctly and put capo the note still sounds WAY off to the point where it hurts my ears to play along the video.
I tuned it to DADGAD. I put capo in third fret. What is wrong?
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OK, there are several lessons/versions of this tune on the page you have linked.

Why not try playing along with the different versions and see how that works out? There's an 18 minute tutorial version in standard tuning. Give that a shot.

When you capo a guitar, all the strings will be slightly sharp of desired pitch. So, you can tweak the tuning THROUGH the capo.

In this case, (with the capo on), your tuner should read, F, C, F, Bb, C, F, low to high.

Either you, or the guy in the video may have been tuned up or down from standard. Try moving the capo up or down a fret, see if that helps, or at least gets you closer. You can also try bending strings to match the pitch of a recording. When you pitch match with recording, try to figure out how many "cents off" the record is, and apply that tuning shift to your whole instrument.
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That looks like fun. Im gonna learn that lick I like that song. Good luck with it.