Hi! this is the first time i do a cover using audio and video editing softwares, and i would like to know what do you guys think!
I accept any kinds of critism and if you could tell me how can i improve (talking about the editing) i would appreciate it.
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Your sound and picking sounds a little weak in the rhythm stuff. The solo sounded quite good but the whole song sounds a little out of tune to me..but it's probably just me, I don't really know.
Editing was quite nice, probably would have done the same takes and shots as you if I did that song. I like the different perspectives, this is definetly not a song for a permanent split screen kinda thing so yeah, good job for your first time.
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thank you! i will remember your words for my next cover! i dont think the guitars are out of tune cause i tuned up them before the recording but well, it may be.
thanks again for the comment and the critism!