Hello guys, i have a '95 rocktron voodu valve made in usa (witch doctor) series which i intend to connect to a Behringer fcb1010 midi foot controller. The thing is, the midi in output on the rocktron is 7 pin, on the controller it is 5 pin, can anyone tell me if a normal 5 to 5 pin midi cable still works properly. I know there are those 7 to 5 pin rocktron midi cables, but is it absolutely mandatory ? The manual states that the 6th and 7th pin are meant for the use of phantom Power, which i already have on my audio interface (alesis io4).
Thanks in advance, any help would e appreciated.
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AFAIK, the FCB1010 uses a standard, common, everyday 180° 5 pin din connections.
The rocktron uses 4 pin for the power and standard, common, everyday 270° 7 pin din connections.

Just use a cable with 180° 5 pin din connectors and you'll be fine, though you'll not be able to access the functions of the pins 6 and 7.
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