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not really a promotion but just a simple question. My band has this band name, SuperKick, for almost 3 years now and we've been meaning to change it, but we've just gotten so used to it that it's hard to let go.

Ancestor or Superkick?

i thought it better to just ask here where I can get a more objective opinion.
I would say really think about the name. My band recently changed our name after 4 years. For a couple months we threw names out and found one. Unforntutely, it was too close to another bands name. Although, we hadn't heard them before, their management stepped in and we were forced to change it. We now have a completely unique name.

Definitely search and make sure there's no one else (that's big) with the name you want to use.

Just my advice.
Eumh Ancestor is alreaddy used :

Some advices for a band name:
-Simple andcool, not really need to be short (Ex : Red Hot Chili Pepper, SOAD, AC/DC, TooL, Megadeth..)

-Once you have it verify that it is UNIQUE: to do this go on search engine (ex: Google) and type BandNameYou'VeFind + Music / band etc

-If unique make Internet know you: make a Myspace, bandcamp, facebook, YouTube pages/profiles

Then you can begin to record/film your music and post it and do not hesitate to go on forums to put links to your music they are a key fo people know you and by the way your band name!
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