Both my sister and I were thinking about buying 2 new travel acoustic guitars for each of us. I have come up with a Taylor gs mini as my pick and she has thought of the Martin LX1.

The types of music we play is singer singer writer(ed sheeran, Phillip Phillips) and some modern rock(the acoustic stuff from radiohead)

My style of play is closer to and electric where I like to solo but also play chords. My sister only plays chords more or less.

Would these be the right guitars for what we're looking for?

Ask away any further questions
the way that you've described it, you're getting both anyway. it'll be nice to be able to trade off some nights and play the other once in awhile.
if you were actually contemplating one or the other, the GS mini wins in a landslide. the mini has a lot more volume and clarity than the LX1 which sounds a bit cardboard box-ish.
I had an LX1 for a very short time and was less than impressed with it. I was impressed with the GS mini enough to get all three tops... spruce, mahogany and the secret( and best sounding) Engelmann spruce( HV mini available only thru holden village website or by calling taylor directly.. sorry, can't try it before you buy it).
another travel guitar making headlines is Eastman's ETG1. it's a lower cost alternative to the mini. I still prefer the mini's sound over it though, but that's my preference......
need more gear and a lot more talent(courtesytuxs)
I've had the chance to play both, and the GS mini by far has a bigger fuller sound, but the LX is not bad, less loud and rich as the GS mini, but it has a differant quality that I liked better. The GS mini is loud and clear, the LX is thudy and twagy, more character in my opinion.

The GS has a solid wood top, the LX I tried had a laminant koa top, it sounded better to my ears than the solid top LX. For a travel guitar I think laminant is the way to go, more durable, don't have to worry as much about extreme temps/humidity, banging it around. The LX is also smaller than the GS mini, which is another plus for travel. I found it to be too small though, ok for strumming, but any picking and I was picking over the upper frets because of the tiny guitar body.

Another option you might consider is the Voyage Air laminant folding guitar, it's pretty awesome in my opinion. The GS mini sounds louder, richer, but in my opinion it's not as true of a travel guitar as the voyage air.
The GS mini is very good in my opinion, i haven't played the Martin, but the Taylor is pretty good.
another vote for the GS mini. the little martin isn't bad, but the GS mini is really good.
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