Hello, UG forum. I'm a beginner. I've been a beginner for a long time I'm hopeful I'll get further this time than the last time I tried to learn guitar. I'd like to be able to record an actual guitar in my bedroom compositions. I'm only modestly into metal, but that's the sound I'm looking for in my industrial compositions. So...

I've got a modest but not crap guitar: Schecter Omen 6. I may replace the pickups to get the tone I'm looking for, but it plays and sounds well enough out of the box.

I've got a very nice practice/apartment amp: Blackstar HT-5 head and BS 1x12 cab. Overkill for my den, really, but it's easy enough to keep the clean sound not too loud for practice, and it does have a headphone amp for getting crazy. I bought it for its overdrive sound.

My only pedal is a Guitar Center version of the TC Electronic Hall of Fame reverb, called the Arena reverb. I picked it up just a couple days ago, and it nearly completes my sound. I have an analog chorus pedal in the mail. I'll pick up an EQ to put in the effects loop when funds become available. And when my playing warrants more investment