I'm basically a bedroom musician, jamming, recording as a one man band. I know the Boss br800 is the big daddy, but i'm trying to figure out I need all that or if I can get by with the br80, also can you tell me the difference between the br80 and the microbr? can you also recommend decent monitors for me?
Only you can truly decide what you really need for your specific situation. As long as you have a decent DAW (digital audio workstation) program for recording (Reaper, ProTools, Cubase, etc) you simply need an interface to get your guitar into your PC/MAC/DAW to get tracks down.

The primary difference between the BR80 and the MicroBR is that BR80 has Boss' E-Band feature which is rhythm tracks, GT processor effects etc....basically look at Boos' E-band on their site and that product has been jammed into the BR-80 in addition to its primary feature set.

The guitar effects in the BR-80 as a result tend to be more intuitive to use than the BR800...spend some time on Boss' site, the differences are rather clear between all three as well as their feature sets.

Personally, I think that if you can deal with the smaller form factor the BR-80 is a great solution.

As for monitors - again very subjective, I have the M-Audio BX5a Deluxe set, for the money they are fantastic....spend whatever you can afford because they are critical.
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The BR800 is a long way from being the big daddy. If you want a Boss, I'd recommend getting at least the 16 track version. You may think you don't need that many, but you'll be surprised how quickly they get used up.

I'd also recommend looking into Tascam's multitrackers - extremely powerful DAWs, but a lot cheaper than Boss. The only disadvantage is they tend not to include a drum sequencer, so you'd need to purchase that separately.
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I own a Boss BR800. I can't tell you if you need it or not. I do use if to play over doing my exercises with metronome, I have it loaded with backing tracks, songs, I use the slow down function etc. I think the BR80 does all have that.

However, the BR800 works a little easier from my perspective. However, make sure you ask yourself how often you are going to record/create a new songs. There are tons of players that want to buy it to record with but in reality they end up recording rarely.

If you will record (like really create songs), I recommend the BR800 over the BR80. For all other uses the BR80 will do the job as well.