Hi guys, new guy here. Bought a used Rocktron Banshee, modded it a bit and now sharing the experience. I hope someone finds it helpful. And please excuse my poor soldering, I'm not a pro

Clean sound

Why would one need it:
You know it's almost impossible to get clean sound out of this box, even if you play with the Gain knob: if you set gain to about 1, there's clean sound but a) it's a lot quieter than overdrive b) you can't adjust the gain smoothly - the signal gets loud & dirty very abruptly, right when you turn Gain to about 2.

Few people would like the talk box sound clean, and in fact the Banshee's speaker does not deliver quite clean sound well - it starts breaking up at any volume but low (clean demo here). But what if you have your own OD/dist pedal and want to start 'talking' with just one switch? The clean mod lets you use your own dirt pedals with the Banshee.

How to do it:
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1. Take off the left contact of the D3 diode and connect YELLOW WIRE instead.
2. Take off the right contact of the D4 diode.
3. Connect the free diode contacts to the SECOND YELLOW WIRE.
4. Take off the right contact of the R5 resistor and connect RED WIRE 1 instead.
5. Connect the free R5 contact to RED WIRE 2.
6. Connect black wire to the right R5 contact which remains on the PCB.

OK, now we're ready to work with the switches:
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- connect black wire to the left contact of the pot (1);
- connect RED WIRE 1 to a central contact of the 2PDT switch (3);
- connect RED WIRE 2 to the 2PDT contact UNDER RED WIRE 1;
- connect a 10k resistor (2) to the central and left contacts of the pot (1), then connect it to the на 2PDT contact ABOVE RED WIRE 1;
- connect one YELLOW WIRE to the remaining central 2PDT contact, and another YELLOW WIRE to the one UNDER it.

Now we have a switch to clean sound and a pot to adjust its level (I have 50 linear, but you can still experiment ). The 10k resistor reduces clean volume, otherwise it would be several times louder than dirty, very hard to adjust the balance between them.

Amp signal blending

Why would one need it:
You may need to switch from heavy riffing to 'talking' without losing the power and density of your amp sound. Banshee 2 already has this option, why can't we have it with the 1st edition?

How to do it:
Connect 2 ORANGE WIRES to the relay just like on this picture:
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Now split one ORANGE WIRE with a pot (linear, better take 1MOhm but 250k may be fine, too):
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If you take a look at the main effect 2PDT switch you'll see that only 1 contact group is actually working, and the wires go to the relay. The second contact group in my Banshee was connected to the first one, and I don't know why. If you have the same situation, remove this connection without doubts. Then connect
your ORANGE WIRES to the second contact group of the main switch, in parallel with the stock wires:
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The last step is to remove the R8 resistor from the PCB:
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We're done. Nos turning Banshee on won't mute your amp signal. Instead, you can adjust its volume from 0 to max with the pot.

Putting the pot on the main switch is necessary because if you just connect the relay contacts via the pot it will affect your sound even with Banshee turned off.

A small tip: if you put your pots on the sides of the pedal and put Fender style guitar knobs on them you can make adjustments with your feet

P. S. Can anyone tell me how to embed attached pictures?
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If I ever get around to fixing mine (pretty sure the power amp chip is dead), I might give this a shot.
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