Hi there!

I currently have an Aria Stg 4 guitar which is active and which i bought rather cheap. I mostly, at the moment, use the electric guitar for strumming.

I have the opportunity to trade my guitar with a Washburn anarchy x 16 and add him 50euros. Do you think is the trade worth it for me? Which is the best guitar?

I also have a fender acoustic which i will be keeping and serves me great. The electric is just a spare guitar.

I am a newbie so any help will be appreciated.
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#1 - Try the Washburn to see if you find it comfortable to play. I wouldn't want a guitar that doesn't feel good to play.

#2 - It also depends on which music genres you want to play. If you want to play heavy metal, the Washburn may be more suitable than the Aria. Other than that, you may want to stick with the Aria.

#3 - The Washburn isn't worth 50€ more than the Aria; their value is about the same. The Aria STG-004 may be worth a little more than the Washburn, even.
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