Long time no see guys! Finally getting around to filming some new stuff in HD so 6 or 7 more are in the oven and soon to be released.

This is the first of the series, all one take with 3 different angles. Using my buddy's AxeFX II for the tone.

Subscribe, rate, comment and C4C! Happy to answer any questions you might have as well. Enjoy guys!

Vortex Mind Cover [HD]
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Thanks for the crit man,

Firstly the whole thing looks and sounds great, really good production. I don't know the original but your playing sounds awesome and timing seems to be bang on. You've done at good job at sounding loose too, I know some metal cover come off a little too robotic and technical and loose any feeling. I don't really know what to criticise, seems like you've practiced the hell out of it.
Sick playing, sick tone, sick guitar, sick song choice. Liked, commented and subscribed! Thanks for the comment on my Hangar 18 video. I have been working on improving my vibrato for when I play Marty stuff. His vibrato really takes his playing to another level.

Did you make your own preset with the axe-fx? Sounds very good.
Hey mate thanks for the crit.
I watched your video and I have to say you were spot on.

The only little critique I have is that you might wanna have your pinky a bit closer to the fretboard. It kinda hangs below the guitar neck when you are not using it (especially when bending strings @ 2:56 )

Other than that small point, it was perfect. great mixing too!
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