Sorry if this is a stupid question, but is there a way to record the tone that is coming out of my vox vt, directly into the computer? (For guitar covers in reaper) I realize this might not be possible but I thought I would ask anyways. I have amplitude but I feel it sounds a little to weak/digital for my tastes.
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First of all, go to the recording interfaces sticky in this section.
Then read it.

Yeah, I think VT's have a line output - you may connect that to the interface and then use a cab simulator.

If you ask me though, you're better off finding a better amp simulator.
So, first of all read the amp simulators sticky in this section, and then go having a look at LePou's stuff.
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Yes, but I would get a recording interface, instead. If you're super budget, get a GuitarLink for $10 (plus shipping).

And I second LePou's amp sims. They are free and sound excellent. Hell, imho...they even sound better than Amplitude's stuff.
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