Yo. I've been playing guitar for like 5-6 years and I've been playing through a Line 6 Spider iii 15w amp and I figure it's time for a change.

One of my buddies got a Vypyr 30W around a year ago and really likes it and I've also seen that it's gotten really good reviews online. I was looking into getting one myself but discovered that there's a Vypyr VIP series and now I'm conflicted. There aren't as many reviews of the VIP 2 as there are of the 30W so it's difficult for me to decide. I haven't ever seen a comparison of the two.

VIP stands for variable instrument performance. Basically the amp can make your guitar sound like many different instruments. I'm worried that their attempt to make a hybrid amp could make each individual component worse if that makes sense. Also, while the 30W has 12 amps to play through, the VIP 2 only has 8 for the electric guitar and the other 4 are for acoustic/bass.

If anyone has played these and can give me a comparison it would be sweet.